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"Change one life and that will bring change to thousands."

- Harshani Bathwadana, Sri Lanka -

In times of uncertainty it is easy to feel discouraged, confused or helpless. So what can help us to keep inspired and hopeful?

One answer might be: every step forward and every initiative matters, no matter how small they might be.

In this newsletter we invite you to discover initiatives of hope by alumni of the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme and IofC's Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace to improve people's lives in times of crises.

November was also busy with online workshops, panels and talks, on themes ranging from the challenges of courageous listening and increasing online activities to environmental peacebuilding. They offered tool kits to help us tap into the resources within us and find positive ways through times of crisis.

Enjoy the read and stay safe!


The courage to offer hope

Harshani Bathwadana from Sri Lanka describes how she brings hope through education to thousands of girls.

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Freeing girls to study

One act of compassion changed Redempta Muibi's life forever and inspired her to set up a project to provide sanitary pads to girls in Kenya.

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The language of water - the language of the heart

The Water Warriors are a unique collaboration to share water management solutions across the globe.

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Swiss Digital Days 2020: Update your digital soft skills

A workshop on the question how to align our online behaviour with our personal values.

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Environmental peacebuilding must define our era

Three inspiring case-studies on sustainable solutions to ecological problems and social cooperation.

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The Courageous Listener: Bearing Our Own Discomfort

Listening is a powerful tool. But how can we as listeners learn how to take care of ourselves while listening to painful stories?

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Tools for surviving a crisis

Crises are not only difficult times but they can also mark a point of change.

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Land governance in the Sahel

A panel discussion on land restoration, climate resilience and peace in the Sahel. (Report coming soon)

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What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

How can entrepreneurs transform their ideas into reality and bring about positive change?

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