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How can we serve you best?

We are committed to inspire, equip and connect you to support you on your journey from personal to global change. But we need your help to see how we can do this best!

This year, we had to learn how to organize and facilitate online events in order to bring Caux to you. It wasn't easy, but we were happy to be able to connect with so many of you who wouldn't have been able to come to Caux otherwise! As a lot of change is happening, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on what we offer and how.

To be able to serve you best, we would like to know more about your needs and desires. Please fill in  this survey before 20 October. The survey is short and will take you only a couple of minutes to complete!

Thank you in advance and stay tuned as you will hear about our upcoming events soon!

Fill in the survey


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