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The Caux Forum starts in two weeks!

The Caux Forum 2019 promises innovation, powerful presentations, profound insights, personal challenge and transformation. Trustbuilding is both the red thread and the experience to be had as a participant. Never more relevant.

On Wednesday 26 June, the Opening Ceremony will officially kick off the summer by exploring what trustbuilding as the forgotten factor is in today’s divided world. This event is open to all and free of charge.

There is still space in some of our main events! Check some of the highlights below or visit our recently launched new website for the latest updates about the summer.


Ethical Leadership in Business
27 - 30 June

Revolutionary lifi technology enables a fast and secure wireless connection that uses LED light sources instead of microwaves to transmit data. Learn more about its positive societal, human and economic impact from Suat Topsu, President of SATT IDF Innov

More speakers and registration

Caux Dialogue on Land and Security
27 - 30 June

With representatives of IUCN, UNDP and UNCCD as well as ministers and governors, farmers, community leaders and young entrepreneurs, the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security will discuss issues related to land restoration, climate change and peace-building. The new  Summer Academy on Land, Security and Climate Change will teach policymakers on the most innovative techniques as well as millenia proven practices to restore land and peace. 

More information and registration

Just Governance for Human Security 
2- 6 July

Nicole Pitter Patterson, Co-Founder, SheLeadsIt & Caribbean Girls Hack, will share her expertise in women’s economic empowerment during the panel on social inclusion. Join the discussion!

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Towards an Inclusive Peace
8 - 12 July

Around the world, women peacebuilders are confronting warlords, terrorists and dictators to keep both their communities and ours, safer. Yet, there is currently no international agreement to protect the women that are risking their lives for a peaceful world. Learn about the Civil Society Mechanisms for Responding to the Protection Needs of Peacemakers and hear from frontline peacebuilders such as Ghada Rifai from Syria. 

More info and registration

Tools for Changemakers
14 - 18 July

This event will explore the link between individual and collective identities for building a positive future for Europe through different training tracks.
Advocates for a New Story is organized by Jean Brown and Amina Dikedi-Ajakaiye of Creators of Peace. This training track will show how all of us can be peace advocates through transforming personal, community and global narratives.

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Running in parallel to the Caux Forum:

Caux Scholars Program

23 June - 21 July

Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

22 June - 21 July

Caux Artists Programme

6 - 19 July


The Caux Forum is organized by Initiatives of Change Switzerland in collaboration with the IofC network and its partners.


info@caux.ch | www.cauxforum.org

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