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Read our 2018 Annual Report!

I am pleased to send you our 2018 Annual Report. In this report, you will read about last year's Caux Forum, our Swiss activities around trustbuilding and ethical leadership and our learning programmes such as the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme (CPLP).

'Caux was much more than I expected. I thought I was only going to travel abroad
but I also travelled inside.'
Maria, 2018 Caux Peace and Leadership Programme participant, Colombia


Caux Peace and Leadership Programme: an investment for peace in the future

Every summer, we welcome future leaders in peacebuilding from all walks of life: from a former youth mayor in England, to peace activists in Kenya, to a young woman advocating for women’s rights in a Taliban controlled area of Pakistan.

These young leaders come together during the Caux Forum to explore the concepts of peace, unity, leadership and to explore their potential to make a difference in their community, in society…all starting from oneself.

What is inclusive peace? What does it mean to live and lead according to my values? How hard is it to accept and listen without judging the other? As a friend or supporter of Initiatives of Change, you are probably familiar with these concepts. But for the 139 participants in the 2018 Caux Peace and Leadership programme, these can be rather challenging.

'Very often we can’t even live with our own neighbours who share the same culture. But here we are, 70 people from around the world and we were able to peacefully live together. I learned that we can accept each other wherever and with whoever we live, it is just a question of our own attitude and of respecting each other.' Uliana, 2018 participant, Ukraine
Invest in the future and help sponsor a CPLP participant
The need for well-informed and passionate peacebuilders has never been more urgent, as historical mistrust and divides, xenophobia, violent extremism and wars plague countries around the world. Through this programme, we are equipping today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in peacebuilding and with relevant tools to bring about positive change, starting with their own personal change. By making a gift, you will contribute to the training of tomorrow’s changemakers.


Invest in Tomorrow's Changemakers Now

Barbara Hintermann

Secretary General, IofC Switzerland
PS – you can now make credit card and postfinance donations on our website, even recurring donations!


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