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Caux inspires past participants to bring change to their communities

From Nigeria and Poland to Colombia and the Philippines, the ripple effect of the Caux Forum is felt around the world. Read below about some of the impactful initiatives and work of global changemakers who were empowered or inspired others in Caux. 

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Inspiring initiatives emerge from the CATS 90-Day Challenge

Maylis Guillou Kérédan, CATS Managing Director, shares the inspiring projects that some of the 2017 participants launched in their communities around the world in the 90 days following the conference.

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Imam and Pastor receive UN award for intercultural innovation

Regular participants of the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa, of the Interfaith Mediation Centre in Nigeria, were among five recipients of this year’s prestigious 2017 ‘Intercultural Innovation Award’.

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A cathartic experience at Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

Txema Perez of 2theatre / London Physical Theatre School describes how his group's experience in Caux enabled them to reconnect with a sense of purpose and the reasons they became artists.

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'Everyone here is a bridge-builder'

Former Caux Peace and Leadership Programme participant María Paula García Romero returned to Colombia with a deeper understanding of herself and her surrounding environment and decided to play an active role as a changemaker.

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How did Caux inspire you and how did you inspire others in Caux?

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The Caux Forum is organized by Initiatives of Change Switzerland, formerly known as the CAUX-IofC Foundation, in collaboration with the IofC network and its partners.


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